Art of Icons consists of four authors united by Christian art. Our common aim is to represent its beauty, its diversity of themes, colours and forms.

Although each of us is a unique artist, we share common ideas and aesthetic values. We believe that our mission is to talk about the world of the icon and the Christian art by using contemporary language, while following the tradition at the same time.

Lead by these ideas, we can offer to our visitors contemporary icons and murals, which constitute interpretations, rather than copies of old specimens, as well as wooden icon bases and authors wood carvings.

In addition, we publish researches on various problems of the history and theory of Christian art.

We would be glad to discuss our works with you or to learn about your opinion about them.

In our e-shop you can find some of the icons and wooden bases that can be ordered and bought.

Furthermore, you can order works of your choice, different from those exhibited, or we can assist you with the selection. We will be glad to work with you.